24 Hours in Amman: A Quick Guide to Exploring the Capital City 25/05/2017

Ahalan Wa Sahlan!

It’s a given fact Petra is Jordan’s most popular attraction but Amman has its own beauty & history a traveler must not miss while in Jordan.

This is our handy guide for Amman visitors to make the most of your visit in this modern and friendly city.

Begin your day with a visit to Citadel or Jabal Al Qal’a, occupied as early as the Neolithic period & fortified during the Bronze Age (1800 BC). Citadel is located in downtown being the highest hill in Amman you will enjoy here the panorama view of the city. Wait there is more to see, like the outstanding Temple of Hercules & Ummayad Palace.

The Temple of Hercules

Not far away is the Roman Theatre an impressive remnant of the Roman Philadelphia. Built during 169-177 A.D, the theatre could seat up to 6,000 persons. While here check out the Folklore Museum & Museum of Popular Tradition. The museums exhibit mosaic tiles, traditional clothes, pieces of jewelry and more.

The Roman Amphitheatre


Walk or stroll in the old part of Amman, Al Balad was known as downtown home to many shops and traditional Souks. Here you can find anything you might need from souvenirs, clothes, gold to fruits (don’t forget to haggle).

Also here is the oldest mosque in Amman, the King Hussein Mosque rebuilt by King Abdullah I in 1932.

Spices at a local shop in downtown Amman

Next to Jabal Amman with where you can see a sample of the early 20th-century architecture. Located here is the popular Rainbow Street with many shops, restaurants & cafes, serving a variety of local & international dishes. If interested visit the showroom of the Jordan River Foundation, offering handicraft made by Jordanians and several Women’s Cooperatives.

Souk Jara at Rainbow Street

Continue to one of Amman's oldest district, the Jabal Weibdeh with winding roads, old buildings, and leafy surrounding. Located here are Darat Al Funun & Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, both dedicated to showcasing contemporary art. 

Beirut House in Darat al-Funun

Then to the west part of Amman to visit Royal Automobile Museum exhibiting the car & motorcycle collection of late King Hussein.

Royal Auto Museum

Family traveling with young kids will surely like the Children’s Museum located near the Royal Auto Museum. The Children’s Museum offers indoor & outdoor exhibits, educational facilities like library, art studio etc.

The Children Museum


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