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Jordan Country in the Middle East

Essential guide to traveling to Jordan 

Jordan Traveling Guide: You’ve heard about Jordan and you are starting to decide if it’s a country that you’d like to conduct more research about to see if it would make your list of places to travel to. We decided to make it easier for you and gather all the information about Jordan in one place. So,…

Things to do in Jordan Beyond Petra

5 things to do in Jordan beyond Visiting Petra

Beyond Visting Petra: 5 Things to do in Jordan  Let me begin with emphasizing that Petra is amazing and beyond amazing. Petra is magnificent and if you ever get to visit Jordan it should be on your bucket list of sites to visit. We as Jordanian do owe a big thank you to the Nabataeans for building Petra and shining…

Nothing Tastes Like Jordanian  Food and Arabic Cuisine

Nothing Tastes Like Jordan!

There’s a quote in Jordan that says: “Even when you’re full, you can still always eat 40 more bites of food.” © This purely reflect on the generosity and hospitality of Jordanian people, and the importance of giving such delicious food with passion in Jordan. What is Jordanian…

Petra By Night

The Red-rose City of Petra illuminated by 1,800 Candles! Visiting Petra in daylight is awe-inspiring! But, experiencing it by night with lights of 1,800 candles is something can take out of this world. Strolling through the Siq flamed with candles all the way to the Treasury, hearing Bedouin music played in the background,…

What is inside Petra Jordan - the hidden treasures of Petra

What is Inside Petra in Jordan

What is Petra Located about 185 km from Amman, Petra was an ancient city, carved into the desert cliffs. Its magic ancient architecture and the unbelievable landscape attract visitors from all parts of the globe. Video: Queen Rania exploring Petra. ​   It is believed that in around 1200 BCE, the area was populated…