Things to do in Jordan Beyond Petra

5 - Must- to do experiences in Jordan beyond visiting Petra. 18/09/2018

Beyond Visting Petra: 5 Things to do in Jordan 

Let me begin with emphasizing that Petra is amazing and beyond amazing. Petra is magnificent and if you ever get to visit Jordan it should be on your bucket list of sites to visit. We as Jordanian do owe a big thank you to the Nabataeans for building Petra and shining the spotlight on Jordan. In this blog we are going to explore other activities you can enjoy doing while you are in Jordan:


Exploring the Wadi Rum Desert

The most common activity in Wadi Rum is camping in one of the camps, stargazing in the middle of the desert and listening to music around a campfire enjoying a locally cooked meal. There are many things to explore inside of the desert and you can choose to see these places by riding a camel or a horse, letting a local take you using a jeep or just by hiking. Make sure to check out the popular natural and archaeological sites such as the natural rock bridge of Burdah Arch which can be an enjoyable easy rock climb without the need for rope. Khazali canyon with ancient Nabataeans drawings and inscriptions protected for thousands of years from nature. Alameleh Inscriptions that included both Nabataeans and Thamudic inscriptions. One of the many available Dunes, Al Hasany Dunes, one of the most popular Dunes in Wadi Rum to climb up and enjoy the sunset. Lawrence's spring, which is named after Lawrence of Arabia is a beautiful cold natural water flowing out of a mountain. Jebel Umm Al ishrin and Jebel Rum Mountains both can be interesting for experienced or noviet rock climbers.

Dana Biosphere Reserve

Nature, animal and hiking lovers will fall in love with Beautiful Dana Biosphere Reserve. It has a unique combination of the four different biogeographical zones of the country, from Mediterranean region to Saharo-Arabian region. This makes it home to a great variety of rare wildlife. A total of almost 700 plant species and 200 animal species have been recorded. Some endangered animals can only be found in Dana Biosphere Reserve and have their breeding colony there to avoid extinction. The main activity to do there is hiking one of the many trails and canyon or even mountain biking along with seeing the marvellous views and sights of animals.

Mai’n Hot Springs in Wadi

Imagine a relaxing stay to treat and spoil yourself surrounded in natural waterfalls to enjoy the mineral-rich hot waters for different treatments. The best 100% natural spa the Middle East has to offer… Enough said! I will let the pictures talk of the relaxing atmosphere that you will be enjoying if you visit Mai’n Hot Springs:

Hiking Wadi Trails

Jordan is full of Hiking Trails that have the combination of natural green scenery, mountains and waterfalls. The best canyons (Wadis in arabic) that have fall streams and are full of adventure and excitement are:


Wadi Mujib

Wadi Hidan

Wadi Karak

Wadi Mukheirs

Wadi Manshalah

Stay tuned for a blog with full details of the Canyons

Amman downtown

You at least need one day roaming all the places in just Amman downtown area. Must-see historical sights are Amman Citadel/Hercules Temple and Roman Amphitheatre. Then you can enjoy a stroll down the many available shops and restaurants. Trying a variety of local food sold in some of the alleyways are Kofta trays and the cheesiest Kunafa in all of Amman. There are many fresh juice booths stationed all over downtown for those hot summer days, the most popular and unique is sugar cane juice made right in front of your eyes. Shopping for souvenirs, both traditional and modern clothing, or some interesting accessories can be purchased in the many available open markets (Souq in Arabic) in downtown Amman. The most popular Souq is the Bukharia Market with the open air Middle Eastern shopping done at reasonable pricing. If you are looking to spice things up, literally, you could visit Atareen Market, which has the most colourful collection of herbs and spices from all over the Middle East and Levant


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